CLI command set for managing and updating octopress

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Octopress-CLI is a shell script to make octopress more command-line friendly.

Features include:



Open up the script and change the following

You should also create two directories _drafts and _queue under source to allow for drafting and queueing.


octopress rake <rake command>
octopress update
octopress help

Automatic Update

This does the following steps in turn

  1. checking for finished drafts in _drafts
    • any draft with published: true in its YAML front matter will be moved to _queue
  2. checking for publishable posts in _queue
    • any queued post with date in its YAML front matter before the current date is moved to _posts
      • if without date then it's moved to _posts immediately
    • the posts are also normalized
      • layout: post is added if no layout property found
      • title: <filename of the post> is added if no title property found
      • date: <current date> is added if no date property found
  3. check for any changes in the octopress directory using git diff
  4. if there are new changes, commit the changes and run rake gen_deploy

Integration with crontab

Add the following line to your crontab

*/5 * * * * octopress update

to check for updates every 5 minutes for example.

With this you don't even need to think about deployment - you just need to write the drafts/posts, and give the system some time to sort everything out automatically.